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Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with our ministry, we have opportunities for all skill sets and commitment levels

Have your Church partner with us

Partnerships are eye-opening and humbling experiences that many people say have deepened their faith and perspective. It also provides a chance for your church to be involved hands-on in the development of the next generation of kingdom builders. 

Sponsor a Student Leader or Program

Many of our discipleship graduates join our staff as leaders and disciple makers themselves. But because of their family situations, many are still expected to earn wages to support their families. 


Consider sponsoring one of our student leaders or staff members, so they can earn a wage while serving in the community. You can also sponsor one of our key programs so we can continue serving this community.

Volunteer, mentor, or tutor

Our ministry exists because of volunteers.

Current areas of need are: Guest worship leaders Outreach event volunteers Mentors / Family Group Leaders Discipliers Meal providers Drivers Tutors -If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to consider becoming a volunteer, reach out to

Host a one time event

Many refugees here have never been to a movie theater, swam in a swimming pool, or even eaten in a restaurant before.

Providing any of these opportunities is often a life changing experience that helps us build relationships and trust that much faster. 

Visit us in Clarkston

-We welcome visitors to come and see the ministry

-We also host mission weeks for church partners to serve side by side with our youth

-Reach out to to schedule a visit or mission week.

To learn more about these opportunities contact us at

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