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About Us

Friday Night Light is a nonprofit organization comprised of followers of Jesus putting their faith and scripture into action.


Our Story

We started in 2017 by hanging out with 5 high school kids looking for mentorship. We saw how much they struggled to adjust to life in America and how they were missing out on standard childhood experiences that most American youth enjoy. So we took took them camping, went to movie theaters together, and cheered them on at their soccer matches.  The end result was supportive community, honest fellowship, and trustworthy mentorship that quickly grew through word of mouth.

We now have 80+ youth in our program. Many of our core alumni have gone to college or technical schools, but also continue to serve as our new generation of leaders.  It is these disciples that then go on making new disciples.

The mission of FNL is to love Clarkston’s refugee youth unconditionally and show them the best that America has to offer.  The end result being that youth from all nations will become spiritually mature and healthy followers of God who then continue the good work.

Leadership Team

Friday Night Light is a ministry (dba) of KB Cares Ltd,

a Georgia registered 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN 83-2696836. 

Your donations are fully tax deductible per IRS rules.


Please direct all questions to

Our address is: 1210 W Smith St, Clarkston GA 30321

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