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Friday Night Light

Transforming life in the heart of America’s most vibrant refugee community



Clarkston is one of the largest refugee communities in the US.

Clarkston is the most densely populated square mile in Georgia and the most diverse in all America. Illiteracy, poverty, gang activity, and abuse are common. It's in these dark times that we offer hope.



We make disciples through 
real relationships

We serve Clarkston’s refugee youth through discipleship centered on unconditional love

and hope.  Clarkston is one of the largest refugee communities in the U.S.  Illiteracy, gang activity, and abuse are common, and lead to poverty, violence, and despair amongst the youth.  We mentor youth through spiritual and academic programs that meet and grow students at

their different levels of faith.

Upon graduating our alumni are equipped to become the next generation of leaders who continue to bring good news and hope to their own communities



Community & Commitment

We immerse ourselves into the lives of those we serve by moving into the community and doing life on life with Clarkston's youth.


What is LIFE ON LIFE? We follow Jesus, who inserted himself into the community he served. Our lives are deeply intertwined and our homes are always open. We go on camping trips, open up our pantries, and provide care in times of crisis. We celebrate holidays together AND we mourn tragic losses together.


In these everyday interactions, in the messiness of life, trust is built. Through that, the message of hope, then healing, and finally new life and  transformation.



Meet our student and leaders and hear the impact they've experienced


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Help bring hope to all the nations.

The world has converged here in Clarkston, no matter what your skill or resource, you can make a difference.

Ministry is difficult. In 2020, we nearly quit. But instead we asked our friends to pray for us. After that, everything changed. We have never taken prayer for granted again. Consider praying for us regularly by joining the Prayer Shield.
We are able to serve because of your generous donations. 100% of your money goes to programs to support and love the refugees.
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